Lanyards aren’t worth it


Lanyards are the cause of more and more students getting detentions. Photo by: Shae Imler

Lanyards are the cause of more and more students getting detentions.
Photo by Shae Imler

It’s the latest gossip and uproar in the AAJHS- the new lanyards. Are they really worth the money spent on them and the teachers time spent in after school detention? The lanyards requirement started Feb. 4.

The idea of the lanyards came after the Connecticut shooting. According to principals, detentions for the lanyards are averaging over ten students per day for each grade level.  That seems a little bit ridiculous. Students don’t understand that when they are older, they will most likely have to wear a lanyard/ID for their jobs.

Although student should get used to wearing an ID, the discipline actions shouldn’t be what they are.  The discipline actions are after school detention if students do not have their lanyards. If the student does not attend the after school detention it becomes a Saturday detention. If the student still does not attend the detention it becomes an in-school suspension.  Having after school detentions and/or in-school suspicions on the student’s permanent record will affect their chances to get in the college they want. All because they forgot their lanyards.

Forgetting a lanyard is different than refusing to follow the rules.  Students who refuse to wear the lanyard are being insubordinate and should be punished accordingly.

The discipline actions should not  be as harsh. Half the time students can’t even remember to grab their homework before they run out the door; let alone their lanyard.

The cost for the lanyards and the cost to pay teachers to stay after school with the students adds up. It’s just doesn’t seem worth it in the opinion of the students here at AAJHS.