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eleanor & park

eleanor & park is the story of two high school students in 1986 that meet on the bus. Eleanor is a poor, overweight, new student who is forced to sit by Park, a moody, half Korean comic-book lover. The two grow close through music, comics and a mutual disappointment in life.

This story is a different take on high school love. Unlike most stories, eleanor & park shows the romances between outcasts instead of the usual “jock and cheerleader” love that is pushed upon teens. This novel is the first young adult love story written by Rainbow Rowell and is understandably one of her most successful writing pieces. This book is good for kids and adults alike. It can either transport adults back to young love in high school or show teenagers the reality of getting feelings for someone at a young age.

I recommend this book to anyone in high school with a few hours to spare. Reading eleanor & park was a great learning experience for me, and it will be for you!