Stranger Things in 1980’s

Super Bowl LI Teaser

Going back to when the Super Bowl happened, there was a teaser trailer for Season two. So many people including myself were so excited to see it. It was what I was waiting for the whole night to be honest, and I felt like a little kid.

It starts off as the old Eggo Waffles commercial and then Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is upside down! This has to mean she’ll be back but in the Upside Down by theory. With seeing the gang dressed up as Ghostbusters, it’s Halloween! What a way to be spooky am I right?

I totally wish the Duffer Brothers told us more, but I mean that’s what a teaser is supposed to be. The tagline for Season two is “The World Is Turning… Upside Down.” Giving those few images at the end I wouldn’t be surprised. So turn off your lights, locks the doors, and keep the candy for yourself. It’s time to return to the Upside Down.

If you want to watch the actual teaser, click the link below.  

Stranger Things season 2 Super Bowl trailer reveals release date …