Strangest Things


Season one, episode four was very suspenseful, but it answered a lot of questions, and also left a few.

Riley Steinbugl

On this blog, I will be talking about an episode of the Netflix series, Stranger Things, each week, including things such as, what I think will happen, as well as my thoughts on the characters and the events that happened.

Welcome back to Stranger Things. This week on Stranger Things, we will be talking about season one. episode four, of Stranger Things. This episode was very spooky and opened up a lot more questions.

When the episode begins, Chief Hopper is trying to convince Joyce that what she is hearing from Will is not real. If someone was doing this to me, I would get pretty mad at them. They have recently confirmed that the boy found in the local dam was Will’s body. I was so sad when this happened because I didn’t want Will to die.

Then, Mike and Eleven prove to Dustin and Lucas that Will is still alive. Eleven channels Will on a high power radio, and they can hear him singing his favorite song. This proves to the boys that Will is still out there somewhere. This was so great because it proved Will was still alive.

Joyce also believes that Will isn’t dead, but the boys and Eleven can’t tell her about the radio yet because they don’t want to get Eleven in trouble. I’m glad Joyce hasn’t given up hope that Will is alive because she believes he is still out there too.

Chief Hopper decides to go to the lab to check out Will’s autopsy. He wants to look for himself and see if this body is really Will. He then sneaks into the room where Will’s body is. He looks at the body and realizes it feels strangely. He decides to put a small cut in the body. He then realized that this isn’t a body, but it is a decoy filled with stuffing.  I thought this part was so shocking and I was wondering who did it. This part was very suspenseful.

The episode ends with the boys and Eleven at the school. They are at an assembly to honor Will. I thought it was very nice that the school did this.

After the assembly is over, the school bully comes up and starts to harass Mike. Eleven decides that she should use her powers on the bully. She makes him pee his pants. I thought this was super funny and nice of Eleven.

This episode opened up a lot more questions, but also answered some questions from last week. I’m still wondering where Will is and if he is okay.

Tune in next week on Stranger Things, to hear about season one episode five.