Keeping up with the trends

This look was inspired by BabyAriel.


Jocelyn Fetter , Opinion editor

Trends are hard to keep up with, especially because in our world, they’re always changing. If you want to be able to keep up with them all, I’m here to help you. Welcome to the AAJHS version of Vogue, and the Walmart version of  beauty “guru. 

We’re going to start this look off head to toe as usual.

Hair- Ariel’s hair is a really messy curly look in this picture, but this look has larger curls. This look is achieved by using a bigger barrel curling iron. If you have shorter hair, it would be more beneficial for you to use a smaller barreled curling iron.

Makeup- In this look, you would first want to start off by doing your regular foundation, powder, blush and highlight routine. Then, if you want, do your eyebrows and apply eye shadow primer. For the eye shadow, start off with an orange/ pink color in the crease then add a lighter tan color to the lid. Last, apply a light sparkly shadow to your inner corner. Apply mascara and eyeliner if needed, and you’re done.

Shirt- I searched the webernet for hours, and I could not find the exact shirt. The closest one I found was this one.  

Pants and shoes-  You can’t tell which jeans and shoes she chose for this look, so you can be really creative with this one. I would suggest Ripped mom jeans and all black vans for this look.

That’s all for this week, if you enjoyed, leave a comment and tell me what I could improve on and who you would like to see next week. 🙂