Physical education classes

Brayden Adams, Reporter

Line It Up!
The suspense intensifies as both football teams surround a goal. The school’s fourth period phys ed class played ultimate football last week in the ultimate competition for victory.
Look Out!
The clock is running out with six seconds left as these two football teams are in a scurry to finish the match. This photo shows the fourth period gym class playing a match of ultimate football.
Catch It!
The football player misses the catch that could win the game! The fourth period gym class for the junior high are playing ultimate football.
Prepare for Impact!
The football thrives in the student’s hand before he makes a pass. The fourth period gym class for our school played ultimate football in the gymnasium last week.
Rush For the Ball!
Multiple students run to the end-zone of the enemy team to score a touchdown. The school’s fourth period gym class played ultimate football over the course of last week.