Bands in Blair County unite


Danielle Bardelang

Unite! Freshman Austin Parker prepares for a county band concert with the schools’ county band. Nine schools came together to play as one band that night.

At 7 p.m. on Feb 4, nine school bands from Blair County played as one in the Hollidaysburg Area Junior High School auditorium. 

Lori Scwartz-Reichel, this year’s county band guest director, conducted the band while playing five songs. “Fanfare for Justice” by Richard L. Saucedo, “Force Field” by Adrian B. Sims, “Reflections” by Cait Nishimura, “Arabian Dances” by Roland Barrett and “Women Of The Podium” by Virginia A. Allen.

Reichel purposely chose these songs to conduct because they’re composed by many diverse musicians. 

“My strongest song was ‘Fanfare For Justice’ because it was really fun to play on xylophone, and my weakest song was ‘Force Field’ because it was really fast song. It was difficult to dampen the bells,” ninth grader Jack Kuhns said.

It may have been difficult, but many students enjoyed this experience and making new friends.

I wanted the opportunity to be able to play with and get to know other people in the county and create great music with them,” drum major Jacob Steinbugle said.

“County Band is a good way to make friends because it gives opportunities for people from different schools in the area to meet each other,” ninth grader Jack Kuhns said.