JJ Hadley

Modern kitchen. The delicious pizza comes baked fresh out of the oven. This delicious pizza was waiting to be taken to a table.

Being able to get a fresh slice of pizza with friends and family right in the heart of Altoona. Having a refreshing drink after a hard day. JJ Hadley is a popular Italian pizza restaurant in downtown Altoona, Pa. located at 1400 11th Avenue. They specialize in their handmade pizzas from scratch.

The Green Goblet was a great refreshing beverage to kick off my visit. The drink had a variety of flavors and blew me away. It was a mix of basil, lime and sprite. The goblet was quite sour and had smooth carbonation to add to the texture. The presentation of the drink was very eye pleasing as well.

The Dean’s List was another phenomenal drink I got to enjoy. This drink contained lime, berry and sprite. The Dean’s List was sour, refreshing and tasted like grapefruit.

Sour and sweet. These refreshers were so fruity and colorful. They would have to be my top two favorite drinks from JJ Hadley. (Grace Stadtmiller)

The Margherita pizza was one of my favorites. This pizza had a very defined tart red sauce to go very well with the rich mozzarella. The spinach also paired very well with the sauce. I especially loved how fresh all the elements of this pizza tasted.

Tomato sauce, melted mozzarella. This Margarita pizza made my taste buds melt. I waited only 15 minutes for the pizza.

Another great pizza I got was the Pierogi pizza. This pizza was much different from anything I’ve had before. The pizza was incredibly buttery, and I loved how well the caramelized onions paired with the rich sauce. I loved how this pizza tasted just like pierogi. Everyone should try this entrĂ©e.

Onions, mashed potatoes. All inside this Pierogi pizza. The scent of the pizza filled the atmosphere.

But, one of my favorite things about this whole restaurant was the great ambiance with a big, city vibe. I loved the industrial look of the restaurant.


I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who has not yet eaten there or is visiting from out of town. I truly had a great experience and hope to come again soon!