Spring high school sports begin wrapping up.


The month of May is coming to an end and spring sports are wrapping up.  As the end of the year quickly approaches the high school sports have begun wrapping up with many of them ending. While this is many ninth grade students first year playing at the high school level it is also the final year for many high school seniors.  Junior high ninth grade students could participate in softball, baseball and track and field at the high school level this year. Several meets and games have occurred and the season for spring high school sports is coming to a quick close.

Softball home games were played at Logan Elementary fields almost weekly, and baseball games for the high school  boys were played at Juniata field or Mansion Park for home games. Track and field meets were also held at Mansion Park when home. Congratulate fellow students on the conclusion of many of their spring sport seasons. Every spring sport practiced almost every day after school and in the evening to prepare for their games and matches.

 Track and Field: The high school track and field team held their last meet  The team of freshman athletes competed in a variety of events such as discus, javelin, relays, shot-put, long jump and long distance running. Students in ninth grade had the opportunity to compete in as well as try out various events. The athletes competed in several events where multiple schools were present.

High School Track and Field Photos


Girls’ Softball: The girls held their final home games May 12 against Clearfield with a score of 9-8 bringing home a win. The final game of the season was held  May  14, 2015 against Punxsutawney away. Ninth grade girls who tried out had the opportunity to play along side upperclassmen.

High School Girls Softball Photos


Boys’ Baseball: The boys held their final home game May 14, 2014 at Juniata against Punxutawney and ended with a score of 8-15. The ninth grade boys who tried out and made the team had the chance to play alongside upperclassmen as well go up against a lot of competition from other schools.

High School Boys Baseball Photos