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Kylie lip kit sells out in minutes

Everyone has been obsessing over Kylie Jenners lips lately, so muchso  that people will go to the extreme to get her lip size and color. Someone even made a challenge called “the Kylie Jenner lip challenge,” ruining his or her own lips forever just to replicate Kylie’s lips. Even though Kylie Jenner openly admitted to getting lip injections, everyone still wants her gorgeous lips somehow.

 Kylie recently came out with a lip kit called “Kylie” that comes with matte lipstick and lip liner in three of her signature lip colors. Don’t get all excited to run out and buy it though, it sold out everywhere in 30 seconds. It went on sale at 9 a.m and was completely sold out by 9:01 a.m. Yes, the kit is very expensive for a lipstick and liner selling for $29 per kit. Just because it’s from Kylie Jenner is it worth spending almost $30 on a lipstick and liner? People are wondering if it will be restocked.

 Yes it will be, Kylie tweeted out, “I’m sad that it sold out so fast, I’m trying to restock the kits in stores and on my website as soon as possible.”

 Experts from refinery29 say that the color of the lipsticks are phenomenal, but they definitely depend on natural skin and lip color, because that could give off different shades. They also said the liner is soft and glides on easily, it’s super-pigmented and a little darker than the color of the lipstick. The lipstick goes on light and dries quickly but sticks to thin layers because it might seem sticky when one puts it on at first. When it dries, it’s a nice matte and it doesn’t smudge, even hours after applying it.

It’s definitely not worth paying ten times the price on eBay, but over all it sounds like people are getting what they pay for. People are so upset about the kits running out but high makeup brands like MAC have lipstick colors exactly like the colors from the lip kits. Myth by MAC looks like the shade candy from her kit, studded kiss by MAC looks like the last color of her kit, and So Chaud by MAC is the closest color that MAC had for the brown color of the kit.