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Martin Luther King Jr. after a speech https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:USMC-09611.jpg

Events going on in Altoona’s community.

Residents Honoring King

Penn State Altoona students and staff used their day off from school to serve people in the community, to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Over 20  students and staff members from Penn State came together to help out some non-profit organizations.

A resident of Altoona who just moved here is grateful for everyone giving back. She volunteered at Our Father’s House in downtown Altoona.

Since the national motto for MLK day is “A day on, not a day off” residents felt they needed to do something.

It is really nice to see residents of Altoona going out and thinking about others on their day off. It is important to remember what Martin Luther King stood for. It is really heart-warming to see people going out serving and making sure that the community knew that people didn’t see Martin Luther King’s birthday as just a day off.

It is definite progress in society and hopefully it won’t be such a big deal to see residents getting along in the future.

People definitely appreciate the lessons King taught us.