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Runners, Swimmers, Gymnasts oh my!




With the 2015 season coming to an end, freshmen high school players strive to finish the last few meets. Players and coaches swim, run and flip through each final practice all the way through. Coaches and many of the athletes of the swim, gymnastics and indoor track teams all want their season for the junior high to go on, but they keep their heads up knowing they have many more years.

Most of the gymnasts having been involved with gymnastics for many years. They all just started the high school team, and they all have good comments about it.

“I have been in gymnastics for almost 10 years, and the high school team is like a dream in a way because I’ve always wanted to be on the team,” Adyson Pellegrine said.

Not just Pellegrine, but fellow gymnast Savannah Peterson and Julia Gonsman push to the best of their ability to make their first year good.

“I definitely feel like this group of girls can make a good team and win a lot of meets. We have progressed through the season and the older girls and other ninth graders helped me out to make a good first year,” Peterson said.

The team all together has had many good matches and many of the seven new ninth grade gymnasts have been happy and had a good time so far with the season.

Freshman swimmers Miranda Wertz and Brittney Fouse had a lot to say about their season so far this year.

“Going into the first practice I was really nervous, scared and tired since I wasn’t used to swimming that much,” Fouse said.

The swim coaches jumped right in on the first practice and never gave it easy to the swimmers.

“Our warm-up usually consists of a 200 kick 200 pull and 200 freestyle which we call a 222. So even the warm up is a lot, but you adjust to it as the season progresses, and it turns into a routine for you,” Wertz said.

Most of the new students going into swimming thought it was like a swim in the pool, but they soon realized they were wrong.

“Swimming works almost all the muscles in your body which burns more calories. If you have good technique of course, but even if not it’s definitely a thing to try even if you’re shaky about it,” Fouse said.

The season had their ups and downs and the team still continues through them all until their last meet.

The indoor track team added a few new freshman runners to the team this year with open arms, and that was greatly appreciated by the runners.

“It was really nice to have the older girls run with us and cheer us on. I knew most of them already, but it was nice to run with them again,” freshman Alyson Schobel said.

They only ran in one meet, but they all agreed that indoor was a good thing to do. Some said it was good to have for training while others said it was a thing to do for fun and get ready for track.

“I’m a distance runner, and I usually run the 4×8, 1 mile and 2 mile. I like running distance because it’s relaxing for me, and it’s a way to ignore things,” Carson Weyant said.

Most of the indoor track activities consisted of strength and endurance training. The runners did a lot of sit ups, push ups, six inches, sprints and yoga type things. The runners are excited to get back into the actual outdoor track season and join with more friends.

“I’m excited to be able to run again, and get back into things like last year. Hopefully we have an undefeated season like last year,” Emily Henry said.

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