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Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess begins pre orders

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has been announced and the pre orders are $59.99.  Many newcomers to the Zelda scene appear to be excited for the release, but the question is raised: Where are all the new Zelda games?

With this release gamers welcome the second “HD” release in the previous years.  Both of which are on the Wii U.  Players could debate that Nintendo is attempting to bring Zelda back onto the charts by bringing in old fans, but if that was the case why a remake?  Fans of the Zelda games are very dedicated and usually play every release.  The remakes of the Zelda game seem pointless in every way.  The only benefit is that Nintendo is able to easily record an old game using an updated engine.  The “HD” in the game is the only difference.  Maybe if graphics are important  to the fans, but those people are very few.  Zelda is know for the advanced timelines and dozens of games and spin offs.

Image by JoeSteve1914.


These “new” games add nothing to the ever expanding multiverse that is The Legend of Zelda.  The last reason the games are important to Nintendo could be the platform release.  The Wii U is utterly dominated by the other next gen consoles.