Ninth grade track meet April 18, 2017

Soarin’! Freshman Gianna Caputo flies over a hurdle in the 100 meter race. Caputo placed first in the 100 meter hurdles. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
Warm up! Ninth graders Liam Clyma, Brayden Henninger, Marcus Osmolinksi, Aidan Rispoli and Ethan Rupp warm up for their one mile race. Clyma, Henninger, Rispoli and Rupp all compete for Altoona’s Cross Country team in the summer and fall seasons. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
Smile! Freshmen Emily Rentz, Grace Osmolinski and Kylee Wisor pose for a photo as they warm up for their one and two mile races. All three girls participate in cross country in the summer and fall. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
And they’re off! Ninth graders Jolee Smith, Aunyah Kennedy and Kayla Moyer sprint their way towards the finish line. Altoona competed against Central Mountain School District in the meet on Tuesday April 18. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
Get ready! Ninth graders from the Altoona Area Junior High School prepare to set for their race. Altoona defeated Central Mountain at the meet. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
Jump! Ninth graders Maggie Fox and Gianna Caputo race in the 100 meter hurdles. Fox and Caputo competed as hurdlers during the indoor track season. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
Ready to run! Freshmen Gianna Marasco and Riley Boutiller warm up for their one mile, two mile and relay races. Marasco and Boutiller both are distance runners for Altoona. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
Push it! Ninth grader Cheyenne Willett runs for the finish line in the 100 meter race. Willett not only runs track in the spring, but also participates in girls’ basketball in the winter. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
Freshman Cheyenne Willett sprints out of the starting line. Willett competed in the 100 meter race. Photo by Paige Glasgow.