Life of a twirler


Strut your stuff! On Dec. 2, Caley Galarneau competed at a competition at the Altoona High field house. She placed second in her division. Photo taken by Chasity Brunner

Caley Galarneau, Reporter

The moments twirlers go through every week.

This week my practices were really fun and very funny.  On Monday at team practice, we were working on toss illusions and trying to perfect our tosses.  While we were practicing the toss illusions, I was the only person who was catching them.  The only one.  I am one of the youngest on the team, and I am the newest twirler.  There is no reason as to why my other team members were not catching them.  But, it was pretty funny because my coach was telling us that we have to catch them, so we did about 45-50 toss illusions at practice, and I was still the only one catching them.

At my private practice, I made a ton of progress, and I am excited for my next competition.  I think I am going to surprise a lot of people with my progress, and I could not be prouder.  This week is going so well for me with baton, and I am happy to say that I look better than I ever have.  This competition season is very exciting, and I hope I impress the judges.

Next week I will update you on my progress, and I will let you know some of the things I am working on.