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It’s all about the makeup

This week on #OOTW it’s all about makeup! Eyeshadow, lip gloss, mascara and all that fun stuff. There are tons of easy tips on how to do everyday makeup and yet look so effortless. Whether it’s making brown eyes stand out or making skin glow, it’s all so easy.

A great brand of makeup that is very recommended is Cover Girl, go and try the website out and see what tips they have too! On the other hand, some of my own tips work just as great.

There are many girls who wear glasses and ask themselves what’s the point of wearing makeup anyway. There are plenty of ways to wear makeup even if wearing glasses!

Making your eyes stand out even under the glasses, makes a huge difference. Stay with neutral colors closest to skin color and then add some darker neutrals to make a contracted look. Bright colors on the other hand also make eyes stand out great. Not too bright but a soft blue, pink or gold can do the trick.

Next up is the lips, lips are probably the most dramatic features on the face. There are a few types of ways to add color to lips. Wearing a deep red, makes lips look bold and looks great on just about anyone! Light, soft pinks will add a subtle change but look so good. Bright colors such as electric pinks and different colors of reds, oranges, etc all make the most difference obviously.

Eyebrows can be filled in with a pencil to make the eyebrows look fuller and bolder. Highlighting underneath the eyebrows can make them stand out. Use a simple light neutral color right underneath the brow line but blended in good enough so it doesn’t look bad.

Mascara also is a main factor when it comes to doing makeup. There are plenty of different types of mascara to choose from. Maybelline is the most popular brand of mascara and have tons of types to try. They have different mascaras for different looks so you’ll be bound to find the perfect one for every look!

Eyeliner has many different styles, such as cat eyes, wings, or just plain eyeliner style. Eyeliner can either go on the top eyelids or the bottom lids. Black and brown are the traditional colors but lately colorful eyeliners have been trending. Along with the electric colors for the lips, eyeliners come in a variety of colors. Blues, golds, whites and greens are usually the most popular colors that are being worn.

Finally with the face, there are plenty of ways to make a face stand out. Ever have trouble covering up pimples? Easy! Foundation and concealer hide all  imperfections in a snap. The brands that are most popular in working great would have to be Urban Decay and Bare Minerals. Those two brands are offered at your local Ulta store and are reasonably priced. Powered cover up and bronzer also can be used to make a finishing look. Contouring with the different shades of power can make differences in your face shape and color. By doing that, it will make such a huge difference that will look absolutely great.

Make sure to try some of these makeup tips, and see how they work out! Stay tuned for next weeks edition of #OOTW!

picture from www.lionesswomansclub.com
picture from www.lionesswomansclub.com