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Social Style

 With social coming up on May 23, girls are starting to search for the perfect dress. Seems like just last week was sweethearts! No need to rush to find that dress, but I’ve got some of the best stores to look for your dress without having to stress about finding one.

This year’s social theme is all neon. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get a neon dress but some good colors that won’t look like too much are pinks, blues and bright greens and vibrant purples as well.

The most reliable site to get a dress from would be http://www.promgirl.com/. The reviews from Prom girl are all positive and all the customers seem to be very pleased with their dresses. They sell all kinds of dresses; from social, to prom. The sizes range to almost everyone. I personally love the site, they have a huge variety of dresses, not only in the color but also in the design. As well as dresses, they sell shoes. The price ranges with the dress but they site does have an option to look for dresses under $100 and $200 dollars which can save you and your parents a bunch of money!  The only down fall to the website would be the obvious, if the dress comes and doesn’t fit as well as thought. A measurement table is given for you to put in but sometimes it’s not so accurate. Just take it to a close talor to get done and then it’ll be perfect!

Locally there are a couple stores that stand out and have good reviews along with the dresses. One of the many is Fashion Exchange in Tyrone, which isn’t too far. They have a Facebook page to visit and very reasonable prices. They don’t have many dresses though.  Diamond Bridal, located in Hollidaysburg has a variety of dresses from long to short and any color you can imagine. I got my dress from Diamond Bridal. Another place to check out would be Pine Ridge in Duncansville is more expensive but still great quality dresses. Most stores have a policy where if a girl comes in from a school they mark it down on the tag so therefore no one else can buy the same dress as you from your school. I don’t think anyone would want to wear them same dress as someone else the same night; how embarrassing!

Photo brought to you by promroyalty.com
Photo brought to you by promroyalty.com

Go out and find a dress that best fits your personality and shine! Expensive isn’t always the best way to go, save money. Stay tuned for next week’s edition of #OOTW.