May time fun

This week on #OOTW it’s all about the cutest swimsuits for this summer. There are many different types of bathing suits from one piece, high waisted and the usual two piece.

Stores such as Aerie, Victoria’s Secret and Target have the best bathing suits.

Aerie and Victoria’s Secret are more expensive but their brands are not only fashionable but really reliable swimsuits. The great thing about both of the stores is that the suits come in different types such as some are bra like and others are more traditional.

Target has more reasonably priced bathing suits and as well as the other stores I mentioned, there are the same styles of bathing suits at Target as well.

Summer time trends such as high waisted shorts are also available in bathing suit styles. The high waisted bottoms are great if you have an hourglass figure and or have hips that you’re a little insecure about, the high waisted shape will change your mind about your body.

Aerie and Victoria’s Secret are located in the Logan Valley Mall and have a wide variety of bathing suits.

Get a suit that best fits you! Try getting a color that looks good on your skin color. Light and or pale skinned people tend to look better in deeper toned colors such as a royal blue, plum purple and deep reds.

With darker skin though, it’s a bit easier to find colors that match the skin tone. Bright colors and pastels look great with darker skin and stand out.

Basing off of your shape, it depends what style of suit you’ll like. If you’re insecure about your chest then try a bra like top that supports and is super comfortable. Like said before, if you’ve got hips or a curvy like body, high waisted bottoms are the way to go.

Go out and find the perfect bathing suit for you! Feel confident and comfortable as well. Make sure to check out Aerie, Victoria’s Secret and Target. Stay tuned for next week’s edition of #OOTW!