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Everything that has to do with sports- Starling Marte

 Win! This week’s blog is about Starling Marte. This is because of the walk off inside the park homerun. This means that he ran around all the bases even though the ball didn’t leave the field.

Marte hit a line drive at the top of the fence in right field and got a triple. The third baseman missed the ball and Marte tried for home. The home plate umpire called him out at first but then the call was overturned.

His hit was a clutch hit. It was a 1-2 count with two outs. This means that there was one ball and two strikes. The ball was located outside in the strike zone and was a fastball at his waist.

Marte is a really good player and he is valuable. The Pittsburgh Pirates are lucky to have him on the roster because of his ability. Marte has definitely proved his talent and continues to impress game after game.

He is the left fielder for the Pirates and has two years of experience. He is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He was born on October 9, 1988 which makes him 25 years old.