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Everything that has to do with sports- Jose Fernandez

 This week’s blog is about Jose Fernandez. Fernandez is a starting pitcher for the Miami Marlins. He is leading the league with 70 strikeouts in a mere eight games.

Fernandez has only eight games played and already threw 51.2 innings. He is a great player and if he cannot come back from the injury, it will be noticeable. Fernandez is valuable and he is only in his second season.

Fernandez is an elite pitcher but has come across an obstacle. This obstacle is Tommy John Surgery. He suffered a major elbow injury and it is only his second season. It’s not even two months into the 2014 season and this injury may bench him for the rest of the season.

Tommy John Surgery is done to repair an injured elbow ligament, the UCL. It is mainly done to professional and college athletes. Especially on baseball pitchers. It isn’t as common, but it can also be done on young athletes. The surgery is named after a former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, Tommy John.

This injury can happen due to stressful use of the elbow. In the surgery, the surgeon replaces the UCL with a tendon taken from somewhere else.