Volleyball in action

The Altoona juniors play hard and fought for victory every Thursday.  On Feb 7, 2013, the girls went up against Hollidaysburg.  The girls played their rivals and won. They improved their record to 17-1. Go out and support the girls every Thursday night!

Rachel Borst is getting into position and waiting for the opponent to serve the ball.
Photo by Arian Savoy


Andrea Parrish uses her quick feet to hit the volleyball.
Photo by Arian Savoy.

Coach Price calls for a time out, so she can explain to the team their new strategy.
Photo by Arian Savoy.

After scoring another point the girls gather in a circle and tell each other good job with a pat on the back. Photo by Arian Savoy.
After switching sides, Altoona got the ball first, and Lydia Greaser serves the ball. Photo by Arian Savoy.