Students share cafeteria opinions


Chasity Brunner

The lunch room prepares before the students come down for their lunch.

The seventh, eighth and ninth graders may have different lunch times but they all function in the same manner. Students often have a variety of choices for what to eat for their lunch, and the cafeteria has a way of serving everyone on time. Some students think the cafeteria is doing great, and there are just minor things they can fix.

There are multiple lunch ladies who work all day to serve lunch and breakfast. On a daily basis, about 5,965 lunches are served to both students and some teachers.

It cost $.90 for regular breakfast and $2.00 for lunch. Metz Culinary runs the lunch room and provides the food student’s eat every day.

The seventh grade students go to their lunch after fourth period, the eighth grade students go to their lunch after fifth period, and the ninth graders attend after sixth period.

Cafeteria worker, Lori Mashensic, agrees with the statement that there are rarely any complaints.

“There are not that many complaints, the most popular one that we get is the question of why we stopped making the spicy chicken patty,” Mashensic said.

According to Mashensic, she enjoys working in the cafeteria.

“I like working as a lunch lady, there’s no problems as long as you like working with kids,” Mashensic said.

Ninth grader, Mia Nelson, only has small complaints about the cafeteria.

Nelson complained, “I don’t like the fact that the ninth graders only have very few choices of food when they go up for lunch.”

Another complaint she has is about the prices of some snacks in the cafeteria,

“The price of chips and other beverages are a bit high. I think it would be better if they were cheaper,” said Nelson.

However, she believes the cafeteria is doing a good job.

“I’m really happy that they allow us to sit whereever we want with our friends,” Nelson said.

According to Nelson, the food is not as bad as some of the other students wrap it up to be.

“The lunch food is pretty good, it’s not great but it’s not horrible,” Nelson said.

Nelson even has a favorite item to get at lunch.

“I really like the buffalo chicken wraps,” Nelson said.

Overall, Nelson expresses the fact that she enjoys her lunch time.

“My lunch is great, and I love sitting with my friends. It’s kind of like a breather before I go back to class,” Nelson said.

Eighth grader, Philip Lockard, feels pretty good about his lunch too.

Lockard states that he doesn’t have that many complaints about how the cafeteria works.

“I don’t really have any complaints; my lunch is good,” said Lockard

He feels like the cafeteria does a lot of things good,

“They cook the food really well,” said Lockard.

According to Lockard there is only one thing Lockard thinks the cafeteria could do better.

“They need to have more food put out when the kids go up to get their lunch,” Lockard said.

Like a lot of the other students in the school, he has a common favorite food to get at lunch.

“I like the buffalo wraps; they’re really good,” said Lockard

All together, Lockard likes his lunch and there are very few complaints for him to share.

“My lunch is usually always good,” Lockard said.