Students earn their way to awards


Flo Brunner

Thank you. Gionna Civarella shakes Lori Mangan’s hand at the ninth grade awards ceremony on May 2. Civarella shook her hand and then sat back down.

Chastity Brunner, Photographer

During the month of May, students in grades seventh, eighth and ninth are recognized for the work and effort they put into this school year. They were recognized through a ceremony with many awards students receive on the days of May 1, 2 and 3.

Awards ceremonies are a formal occasion at which prizes are given to honor achievement in a particular subject or topic. At the ninth grade awards ceremony many awards were given such as core subject, electives, foreign language, music and athletic awards.

To start off the first awards given at the ninth grade ceremony were the math, civics, science and English awards. With each level one student was picked for each subject who obtained the highest overall GPA in that class.

The second set of awards given at the ninth grade ceremony were the theater awards. The two awards given were the outstanding drama and the outstanding direction to theater awards. These awards were given two the most enthusiastic and students who were never afraid to get in front of an audience. And, who practiced and worked hard.

The third set of awards given were the elective awards. Students won awards in art, journalism and technology and engineering studies. The awards given went to the students who worked hard and showed their teachers how hard they’ve worked throughout the course of the school year.

The fourth set of awards given were the foreign language awards. These awards were given in each foreign language at the junior high. So, students earned awards in Spanish, German and French. The awards were given to students who showed the most interest in the class and had very good grades in the first three marking periods.

The fifth set of awards given were the music awards. Students had the chance to earn awards such as the band director’s award, jazz band director’s award, orchestra director’s award, outstanding band front award, choral director’s award and the music parents’ award. These awards were given to the people who showed the most courage and honor in each of the subjects presented.

The sixth and final set of awards given at the ceremony were the athletic and all around awards. The awards that students could win were the scholar athlete, presidential physical fitness, perfect attendance, a-pin address and the a-pin award. Each award was given to the students who met all requirements and worked their hardest throughout the school year.