Editorial: Summer approaches, students plan

CREDIT: http://www.oglbtsports.org/index.php/single-day-events/pool-party

CREDIT: http://www.oglbtsports.org/index.php/single-day-events/pool-party

Editorial Board

Grab your sunglasses, Kool-Aid, flip-flops and sunscreen. Summer is coming! The Altoona Area School District has had a successful year and the students plan on having and even more successful summer. Not all students have set-in-stone plans for summer break. Here are some fun ideas to kick off your break!

  1. Bonfire with friends – Grab a few close friends and have a fire. Bring contents to make s’mores, mountain pies and hot dogs!
  2. Pool party – Find a friend with a pool and call over some friends. Grab a swimsuit and get ready to swim!
  3. Game night – Collect some games, or make some of your own! Set a time and a place.
  4. Summer yard sale – Not everything fits forever, why not sell it? Collect anything that doesn’t fit and either donate it to a local charity or host a yard sale to sell the items.
  5. Lemonade stand – Summer jobs are very popular for teens and who doesn’t love lemonade? Grab a friend and make some cool drinks to sell to the neighborhood and make some cash.
  6. Drive-in – Find some friends and go to your local drive in. Pick a movie you’d all like to see and bring some money for snacks!
  7. Amusement park – Delgrosso’s is a local favorite with family fun rides and food for everyone. Find someone who likes the same rides as you do and head on down!

Summer break is only days away, and students can’t wait. There’s so much to do and not enough days! Make sure to wear your sunscreen and stay hydrated. Have a super summer!