Students support spirit week


Photo courtesy of Emma Girgany

Rivals go head to head! Gracie Weaver and Emma Girgany show their school spirit by wearing their favorite college sport team. College sport day was on Wednesday, Oct. 10.

Kaya Newell, Reporter

From Oct. 8-11, students and faculty celebrated school spirit week.

Many students found it fun and important to participate in spirit week.

“I feel like if you participate in spirit week you are showing off your school and participating in your school more and I think that’s good.  I enjoy having spirit events because it is cool to twin with everyone and it is fun,” ninth grader student council member Alicia Thayer said.

Thayer also believes that having spirit days and student sections affect the students and athletes.

“It more affects the students, the spirit week white out day, it shows all the football players at the white out game that the whole school is supporting them, and they just feel loved and happy,” Thayer said.

The week started off with “Mad For Plaid” on Monday. Tuesday was the color war so seventh wore green, eighth wore blue and ninth wore maroon. Wednesday was college sports day and Thursday was the “white out.”

Sometimes picking out an outfit for a specific day is challenging, but eighth grader Emma Blazer has a strategy.

“For plaid day I just tried to find stuff that had flannel on it, like I had a pair of ripped jeans that had flannel patches on it and I thought that was good,” Blazer said.

Some students look forward to having more events.

“I think we should have a day where everybody wears AAJHS shirts,” Blazer said.

“We could have pep rallies and do more color games and have a bigger student section,” Thayer said.