Josh Drean reaches out to thousands


Savannah Blazer

Josh Drean talks about what it takes to be a mascot. Drean travels the country seeing to inspire teenagers.

Savannah Blazer, Reporter

On Nov. 20, Anti- bullying advocate and entertainer Josh Drean came to the AAJHS and presented an anti-bullying speech.

Drean has visited 456 different schools, reached over 250,000 students and has influenced 123 bullying policies to be made.

“It’s a pretty rough social landscape out there for teens. They are just trying to fit in and feel like they belong, but when others don’t have to be responsible for their words and actions, then they will say and do mean things. I want to help all students be a good digital citizen and treat others with kindness and respect,” Drean said.

Drean was invited because teachers saw the impact his speech made on another school.

In addition to being an anti-bullying speaker, has also pursued a beat boxing career.

“A lot of hard work and practice really began to pay off. Plus street performing in Boston helped me get better every day,” Drean said.

Eighth grader Danielle Bardelang was in the second group to see Josh Drean.

“Since the assembly, I have seen changes in how other students interact with other people in a positive way,” Bardelang said.

Seventh grader Mason Dale also attended the assembly.

Drean showed off his skills of beat boxing.

“My favorite part was probably when he was beat boxing with the harmonica,” Dale said

Ninth grader Lilly Noffsker also attended the anti-bullying assembly.

“I really liked it when he made chicken noises while beat boxing,” Noffsker said.

Drean has become a sensation around the world. How did he do it?

“Just. Keep. Posting,” Drean said.

He wants to reach more and more students and get fewer bullies.

“The more students we reach the bigger an impact we will have,” Drean said.

The students enjoyed being a part of Drean’s daily vlogs and games that he had brought. Students took his speech about bullying into consideration and have worked to improve the school.