Sporting events cancelled due to weather must be rescheduled

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The winter weather has been affecting sports schedules.  Sporting events should be rescheduled no matter what.

Since the school makes up school days, they should make up athletics events as well. Education is critical, but athletics can get students scholarships and participation is  healthier than just sitting around all day. In the high school, having a cancellation can mean the difference of whether or not a scout sees a student play.

If the events cannot be rescheduled after school, they can be rescheduled during the school day. Athletes already miss class for away games so missing class to reschedule games shouldn’t be a problem.

Another option could be rescheduling games on the weekends. This will get all of the games caught up, and it won’t affect the school since it’s on the weekend. A problem that could happen with rescheduling games is the other school might not have an opening the days other schools would like to play.  By scheduling games on weekends this could help because there aren’t many things that go on during the weekends with schools.

Teams could also have double header games so that if they missed a game in the past with the team they are playing they don’t have to worry about making up the game later on.  By doing this, athletes will be able to play the same number of games without worrying about make ups.

There are many ways that rescheduling games can happen.