Changes coming for 2020-2021 school year


Maddie Cowfer

Get a load of this The eighth grade class learns in their last year in the junior high. The eighth graders are moving over to the new high school causing changes to the junior high next year.

Maddie Cowfer, Reporter

With ninth grade moving over to the high school, it is bringing many changes to the junior high. 

Within the district teachers will move buildings, sixth grade will move up to the junior high and eighth and ninth graders will move to the high school.

Next year the whole junior high school will be be rearranged.

“The grades are going to be sixth through eighth. The floors are going to move; sixth on the seventh grade floor., seventh on the eighth grade floor and eighth on the ninth grade floor,” Head Principal Lori Mangan said. 

The changes will impact staffing.

“There are 23 teachers moving to high school next year. With 24 teachers coming to the junior high school.” Mangan said. 

Teachers from all different grades will move to the new high school next year. Some ninth grade teachers wanted to stay in the junior high and many elementary teachers will move as well. 

“Some teachers from different grades asked to move,” Mangan said. “Not all but most of them (ninth grade teachers) are moving; some requested to stay,” Mangan said.

With there being no ninth grade next year, the eighth graders will be able to take certain electives and join clubs. 

“Next year the eighth graders are going to be able to take the electives that ninth grade has now. There is also a plan that is going to be put in place for sports and clubs the ninth graders have now,” Mangan said. 

Not only are the teachers moving schools and switching grades but the principals and guidance counselors.

“Dana Bogle and James Connell are both staying in seventh grade, but Eileen Starr is moving over to the high school. David Campbell and both the eighth grade counselors are moving to sixth grade. Jerry Koehle is moving to eighth grade along with Bridger Stroh and Damon Luciano,” Mangan said.

Since the eighth graders are going to the new high school next year there are going to be dances for both and ninth and eighth grades. 

“The eighth grade and ninth grade are going to have their own separate sweetheart’s dance and socials,” Mangan said. 

“I am excited because ninth grade is the only grade that has these dances and with the move I didn’t think we would have our own in the junior high,” eighth grader Lily Adams said. 

The school and staff might be changing but so is the schedule too. 

“The eighth graders are going to have ninth grade’s schedul,e and seventh and sixth grade are going to do block scheduling,” Mangan said. 

The seventh and eighth graders are only going to be in the junior high for two years before they move to the high school. 

“I feel like if I had three years of junior high I would be more prepared and ready to go to high school,” seventh grader Olivia Behe said.