Who is your favorite artist and why?

“Mrs. Dalton is my favorite artist. She’s really creative with her artwork. I like her art style as well. It’s actually very unique,” ninth grader Harley Mcgirk said.
“Mr. King is my favorite artist. He’s nice and very artistic. He draws very well. I just like his style of drawing,” ninth grader Kelly Terrebonne said.
“Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite artist. He has a lot of iconic pieces of art. I like his art style a lot. I also like how his personality influences his art,” ninth grader Shaylee Jackson said.
“Leonardo Da Vinci is my favorite artist. I like him because he’s famous, and he has created a lot of famous and bright colored pieces of art,” ninth grader Julia Maccauley said.
“Mr. King is my favorite artist. I would say that he’s really nice and creative. He always puts his best effort on art,” ninth grader Emma Fraundorfer said.