What was the best part of this school year and how do you feel about the way the school year ended?

“The best part of the school year was the Sweetheart’s Dance. It was a lot of fun and one of the most memorable events for me. I’m a little disappointed with how the school year ended; everything was really sudden and it was a difficult transition, ninth grader Isabella Davis said. (Photo courtesy of Isabella Davis)
“The best part of the school year personally for me was the play for drama club. I was part of the set crew, and I got to see my friends almost everyday after school and perform the play with them. I also feel the school year ended pretty sadly and too soon. My peers and I had the end of the year field trips and ceremonies coming up, and it’s tragic that we can’t attend any of them,” eighth Grader Anara Zabinsky said. (Photo courtesy of Anara Zabinsky)
“My favorite part of my freshmen year would have to be how much it changed me as a person. It gave me greater responsibilities to upkeep. I have new goals based on what my teachers have not only taught me but what they have inspired me to become,” ninth grader Emily Shehan (Photo courtesy of Emily Shehan)
“My favorite part of the 2019-2020 school year was just my classes. I always had fun in every single one. I liked how we switched instead of having set homerooms. I’m kind of sad about the way it ended because I was enjoying it so much. I wish we could have had all of the end of the year field trips as well,” ninth grader Brooke Thomas said. (Photo courtesy of Brooke Thomas)
“My favorite part of this year was cross country season. I don’t like how the school ended because I missed out on track season, field trips and saying goodbye to my friends,” eighth grader Lily Adams said. (Photo courtesy of Lily Adams)
“The best part of the school year was going to Hollidaysburg for county band. I feel sad because I don’t get to see my friends,” ninth grader Emma Feigh said. (Photo courtesy of Emma Feigh)
“The best part of this school year was hanging out with my friends and meeting new ones. I’m upset that I didn’t get to finish the school year completely,” seventh grader Emily Pentland said. (Photo courtesy of Emily Pentland)