News brief: AASD Virtual Holiday Orchestra Showcase


Mrs. Kelly Detwiler

The eighth grade orchestra creatively practices daily for their upcoming concert on Google Meets. The group’s holiday song, “Angels we have Heard on High,” takes place as one of seven songs played by grades 6-12 in the AAJHS and AAHS virtual holiday concert.

The Altoona Area School District released a virtual holiday concert for grades 6-12 on Dec. 22, 2020, at 3 p.m. in the Band app, Mrs. Detwiler’s YouTube channel and the Altoona Area School District Secondary Music Department Facebook page. Accessibility in the Band app allows for an extended period of time, but social media limitations will only allow availability on YouTube for a short period of time.


“I am really excited. The students have been really working hard since Sept. They have made the best of the situation…I really want them to have this experience to show everyone what we have been doing and how hard they have been working,” said Mrs. Kelly Detwiler.


Mrs. Detwiler, the Orchestra Director of AAJHS and AAHS, combined individual recordings of the students playing to create a melody that sounds as if the young musicians played together collectively as a group.