Band shenanigans!


Beth Carpenter

Woodwind advisor , Beth Carpenter takes a selfie with six , seventh and eighth grade band!

Seventh grader Valerie Grimminger and eighth grader Gracelynn Beldin prepare for the concert during eighth period. (Madison Aboud)


The stage is set for dress rehearsal and the concert during seven and eighth period. (Madison Aboud )


Uniform racks line the hallway outside the band room doors for students to take home before the concert. (Madison Aboud)
Gracelynn Beldin and Madison Aboud smile pretty for a picture during a rehearsal. (Madison Aboud)


Eighth graders Madison Aboud, Gracelynn Beldin and seventh graders Dilara Dileo and Valerie Grimminger have fun in the band room before concert. (Photographed by Erinn Wertz ).


Eighth grader Mileena Setzer and seventh graders Valerie Grimminger, Alexandra Rosenberry and Ashlyn Noce are on stage for the dress rehearsal. (Madison Aboud)


Eighth graders Madison Aboud and Chloe Kessling joke around before concert. (Madison Aboud)


Eighth graders Sage Bower , Chloe Kessling and Caleb Terza smile for a picture during dress rehearsal. (Madison Aboud)
The calm before the storm: the band room before a bunch of students enter to perform music. (Madison Aboud)