History teacher to move schools.


Sofia Hallinan

Showing her smile! Negri wants to leave the school with high hopes. She will leave the junior high school full with smiles and laughter of fond memories.

Eighth grade history teacher Makenzie Negri will move from the junior high to the high school next year.

She made the decision to move to the high school to teach 10th grade American history. This was an easy decision because it is her favorite time period in history to teach.

Negri said, “It’s my dream subject.”

Taking this position also presents a unique opportunity for her.

“I am excited to have this group all year long next year to try to build relationships with them throughout the school year since that was the year we alternated between virtual and in-person learning.”

On the eighth grade floor, Negri will be the only teacher moving to the high school, which will be a new change of pace for her. When asked about her time at the junior high, she had a few thoughts to reflect upon.

“I absolutely love the faculty here, the staff and I’m gonna miss the students. I’ve taught here for the past six years, so it does have a special place in my heart. It will take a year or two to get comfortable with the pace, content and level I will be teaching, but I am exited for the opportunity.”

Moving from teaching eighth grade to 10th grade will be a huge jump in the way Negri will be teaching, but she is not worried one bit. Negri has been getting all her lessons prepared and packing up her old room to move into her new room. Negri will be missed by all of her students and staff members.

Eighth grade history department head Elizabeth Bronson said, “We will miss her cheesy jokes, her laughter that fills the air and the smile she puts on our faces.”