What is your favorite Christmas movie?


Gaby Sparacino

Eighth grader Chassity Greenwood said, “‘The Polar Express’ because it’s always been a childhood favorite of mine. I’ve memorised all the songs, lyrics and all the characters!”

Seventh grader Deklan Barr said, “My favorite Christmas movie is ‘Home Alone’ because it’s funny.” (Vionna Jackson )
Eighth grader Adam Strohman said, “Maybe ‘Home Alone 2’, where he’s in New York. I just like what he does in the apartment, and how he makes these jokes. And how his parents left him home alone again.” (Conner Ryan)
Eighth grader Matilda Loy said, “The original ‘Grinch’ movie because I think Jim Carrey played a great role of the Grinch, and it’s a lot better than the animated version.” (Kendy Lechner)
Eighth grader Michael Ventre said, “’Home Alone’ is my favorite Christmas movie because people think it’s not a Christmas movie but it is.” 
(Riley Glunt)
“I like ‘Elf’ and ‘Home Alone’. I think that they’re both really funny!” said seventh grader Anthony Riccio. (Ingrid Steward)
Eighth grader Ashlyn Nadolsky said, “’Elf’ because it’s funny.” (Giuliana Miller)
“My favorite Christmas movie is ‘Elf’ because I always laugh at it, and me and my family watch it every year,” said eighth grader Lauren Metrik. (Sophia Moran)
Eighth grade student Lindsey Boose said, “Probably ‘The Santa Clause’ movies with Tim Allen where the guy falls off the roof because it’s like a classic. I like the Rudolph and ‘The Grinch’ too; I love classics, classics are always the best.” (Emmalee Martyak)