How do you feel about changing classes?


Riley Glunt

Eighth grader Zimyni Patterson said, “It’s very different, but it’s fun because you get to meet new people and do new classes!”

Eighth grader Ashlyn Noce said, “I feel pretty good about them. It’s nice to have new people in my classes.” (Conner Ryan)
Eighth grader Gracie Ungeheuer said, “I miss the kids that were in my eighth period because I would always look forward to my eighth period for the kids that were in it.” (Giuliana Miller)
“I enjoy changing classes because I like to experience new classes,” said eighth grader Dawnette Boore. (Sophia Moran)
“Yes, I’m so excited because it’s very helpful, and it makes me learn more,” said eighth grader Kaini Andrews. (Ingrid Steward)
Eighth grader Lucille O’Brien said, “I’m excited to be in some of these classes because some of them actually have my interests, like art, pottery and creating things and coding because I like to use technology a lot!” (Kendy Lechner)
“Not much, because I wasn’t given the opportunity to pick my class,” said eighth grader Dominic Verticelli. (Vionna Jackson)
“I don’t mind,” said eighth grader Isabella Caminiti, “I like that I can meet new people.” (Emmalee Martyak)