Announcements for Tuesday, Jan. 24!

(1/11-1/26) The next circle of friends will be on 1/26/23 2:45-3:45 in room 226. If you have not yet joined “Circle of Friends” pick up a sign-up sheet outside of room 355.  

(1/19-1/26) A Lollipop sale will be held on Thursday, January 26. Lollipops cost 50 cents and will be sold on grade level floors and morning holding areas. Don’t forget your money on Thursday, January 26th!

(1/24) Attention Mathcounts members: Stop by Mrs. Abbott’s room this morning for a brief meeting regarding the competition.  Thank you. 

(1/24) Attention artists and writers: Here’s a great opportunity to get your drawings, paintings, photos, poems, and short stories published in a magazine and website. The literary magazine club is looking for student artwork and creative writing for this year’s edition of the literary magazine. Art submissions can be given to Mr. King in room 239 from now until April 15th. Creative writing can be shared with [email protected]. Don’t wait until the last minute, the magazine fills up quickly!

(1/24)  Attention students:  Here is a question: How many two digit positive integers have a units digit that is equal to the product of its two digits?  Everyone is welcome to come to our Mathcounts meeting Wednesday after school.  Please see Mrs. Abbott in C275 for details or email.

(1/24) Attention Friends of Rachel club members: Please check the google classroom daily as we have many exciting events coming up!

(1/24) There was a phone found this morning in the 8th grade stairwell. 

(1/24) This Month’s School counseling tip Tuesday topic is Empathy. Having empathy means to understand and recognize someone else’s experience. Some may say this is like putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. To be able to work well with others, you must be able to have empathy. You never know what others have been through, so you may as well be kind! For more information, stop by the first floor guidance office or see your English teacher.