Should dances be open to more than eighth grade?


Conner Ryan

Eighth grader Ezrah Witherspoon said, “I feel like they aren’t mature enough, and they would mess around.”

“I think the should let seventh and eighth grade,” said seventh grader Izzie Bejamin. “Other schools have them for seventh and eighth grade, and I feel like we’re missing out on most things other kids get to do.” (Emmalee Martyak)


Seventh grader Noah Clifford said, “No, I think that since this is their last year only they should be able to go.”
(Giuliana Miller)


Eighth grader Colson Greenleaf said, “Yes, because I feel like you shouldn’t have to wait two years just to go to a dance.”
(Vionna Jackson)


“Definitely not. I think a lot of kids in Altoona ruin our privileges, and eighth graders are the most mature out of us all,” said eighth grader Sylvie Boslet. (Ingrid Steward)


Eighth grader Dominic Evans said, “Yes, sixth and seventh graders shouldn’t have to wait for their last year of junior high.” (Riley Glunt)


“Yes, because it is their last year at the junior high, and six graders aren’t mature enough,” sixth grader Dylan Hawksworth said. (Gaby Sparacino)


“It should only be for eighth graders because this is a special year before we graduate,” said eighth grader Johnah Basil. (Kendy Lechner)