Indoor Silks are Back Again

Indoor silks continue to work hard on their new routine. Peggy Guyer tells the silks to get their flags together and higher. Photo by Sammi Beeler
When they finish going through it the first time, they get into the last pose, and wait for Peggy Guyer to tell them what to do next. Photo by Sammi Beeler
The silks start the routine again, and do walk the dog while they cross in between each other to get to their next pose. Photo by Sammi Beeler
The Co-captain, Taylor Kianka and Carly Craig javelin toss while the others wait to toss their flags. Photo by Sammi Beeler
The indoor silks team stops their routine to perfect their dance that they worked hard on. They finish the dance and wait for Guyer to inform them about what they need to work on. Photo by Sammi Beeler