Music is the greatest thing since…

Sheeran the soul singer

Music is the greatest thing since Netflix.  This week’s greatest thing is British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran.  The artist is on “holiday” as they say in England; as of Dec. 12, 2015, Sheeran unplugged from social media and the studio to expand his world knowledge.

His song, “Thinking Out Loud”, won song of the year for 2015.  It isn’t another cheesy love song like most people expect it to be.  Instead of mentioning “when I am old and fat,” Ed uses poetry to express old age by saying “when my legs don’t work like they used to before.”  The hit was released on X (Multiply) on 2014, but didn’t really come on the radio until almost a year later.  

Since it is #tbt, let’s talk about Ed Sheeran’s past.  Not many people know that he was homeless for a while, going from place to place, sleeping on strange couches and park benches.  He made his living by performing on the streets, hoping people walking past would throw a dollar or so into his guitar case.  Sheeran was never discovered until producer Jamie Foxx was intrigued by the 16 year old’s performance on Youtube’s SB channel. By 2011, Ed had released his first published album +.  On this album, Ed showed off that not only can he sing, but he can also beatbox and freestyle.