Eighth graders select electives for ninth grade

Paige Glasgow

“I enjoy electives because they are a fun break from the typical school day,” freshman Sierra Kemper said.

A typical ninth grade student’s school day consists of the four core classes, possibly a language, gym, art or music, and two elective periods. Ninth grade offers a variety of electives to choose from to fill a student’s schedule. 

Elective choices range from the subjects of art, family and consumer sciences, music, English, social studies, tech ed and science. Ninth graders choose their electives in eighth grade and can select full-year or half-year classes in order to meet their needs.

Sing it loud! Freshman chorus members prepare to sing one of their concert songs, “Clap Your Hands and Sing!” Chorus can be taken by students from any grade, but ninth graders learn how to sight sing and read music notes. “I like all the students in chorus because we all sound good when we sing together and we are like a family,” ninth grader Auston Rhodes said. Photo by Paige Glasgow
Mix it! Ninth graders from the Foods For Healthy Living class mix fruit smoothies during class on March 22, 2017. Foods is similar to the cooking class in seventh grade FCS and is taught by ninth grade teacher Brandy Juart. “What I like about foods is that we get to make food on our own and eat it afterwards,”  freshman Julianna Kratzer said. Photo by Paige Glasgow
Get crafty! Freshman Manny Moss sculpts a box out of clay for an assignment. Intro to 3D Art is a half-year pottery class taught by teacher John King. “I enjoy working on new projects, and I like that the class is very hands on,”  ninth grader Jace Greene said. Photo by Paige Glasgow
Freshmen students from the Introduction to 3D Art Elective create pots and vases for an assignment. Introduction to 3D Art is the only pottery elective available at the junior high school. Photo by Paige Glasgow
Paige Glasgow
Ready to mix! Group 2 prepares to mix their strawberry and banana smoothie with a blender. Students make a variety of different foods from each food group throughout the semester.