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David Rudy jr

This week’s topic: Dead of winter

With shows like the Walking Dead and zombies almost everywhere in video games, one would think there would be board games on the same topic. This is where Dead of Winter steps in.

About the game

Dead of Winter takes place early on during the zombie apocalypse. Players take control of a group of survivors who are struggling to make it through. Players manage their resources to make it through the winter and disastrous events. In each game, one player takes the  role of the traitor and his or her goal is to sabotage the group without the group noticing. The game ends when the colony is gone or the group makes their goal or the traitor does. 

My Thoughts 

Dead of Winter is a great game for groups of  friends to get together and play. While this game is not suited for young children, it does make a great game for anyone 14 and older. Dead of Winter is a great game for group sessions and older families. While it may not be the easiest game to play, learning the ins and outs of the game makes it a worthwhile experience.