Poetry slam stokes young poets

On Friday June 2, the drama club is presenting the first ever poetry slam held in the library of the school at 6 p.m.

The cost per ticket is $1 and refreshments will be provided throughout the night.

Students in the school are encouraged to attend and participate by first submitting their poems to Sarah Janser or Alyssa Hetrick by May 22 for approval.

A poetry slam is a competition at which performance artists read or recite their original poems they have created.

“The students can read their poems and be able to express themselves through that,” Janser said.

Along with the students, parents are invited to attend.  An uprise in the poetry writing from students in the school could cause a large turnout during the night.

“I would love it if we get a lot of students to share the work they have created to their friends and families,” Hetrick said.

“We are hoping it’s going to have a large turnout, and we have had five or six students who gave us their poems,” Janser said.

Student’s participating in the poetry slam have varied opinions on the idea as whole.

“I feel like it is an amazing thing how students can express themselves through poetry,” Nick Dickson said.