Celebrate Worldwide Read Aloud Day Feb. 1



Brayden Adams, Reporter

World Read Aloud Day encourages people from all around the world to read to each other and help express how important literacy is today.

This special event takes place on Friday, Feb. 1.  Many people across the globe are expected to participate this year.

In order to be involved for the Altoona Area School District, one must post a picture of himself on social media reading aloud to someone.  The picture’s caption must include the hashtags “WorldReadAloudDay” and “gomtlions” in order to spread our school’s spirit.

Many teachers will be expressing their support for World Read Aloud Day on Friday, Feb. 1.  Two of these teachers are Amanda Kelly and Bron Clouser.

Kelly, a ninth and twelfth grade English teacher, supports reading for its benefits in all humans, and she would like to share that with her English classes.

“Reading is important because it helps the mind grow, and it helps us develop language skills.  I will be cooperating with my students, so they can understand this as well,” Kelly said.

Kelly is exposed to many different things by reading.

“Reading allows us to experience thousands of different places and meet a variety of characters who we can connect with or relate to on a daily basis.  It’s those connections that last a lifetime,” Kelly said.

Clouser is also going to be reading aloud on World Read Aloud Day.

“I will be reading aloud to my oldest son this year,” Clouser said.

Literacy and reading are important to Clouser.

“The developments associated with reading are what make reading and literacy very important.  Furthermore, there are so many benefits for one’s health and mental stimulation. It can combat dementia too,” Clouser said.

Reading can also be fun for Clouser.

“I enjoy reading for personal pleasure and relaxation.  I love to read for pure enjoyment as well,” Clouser said.

Clouser wishes more people valued reading.

“When it comes to reading, I always think about one of Mark Twain’s quotes about reading: ‘The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.’  I think it would help to improve our society as a whole if more people took advantage of reading. Many people say they do not have time to read, but I bet they waste hours of their time on a cell phone,” Clouser said.

There are also students who wish to spread the message of literacy being important.  One of those students is Caeden Clapper.

Reading has benefited Clapper throughout his childhood.

“Reading taught me how to interact with others more properly, and it expanded my vocabulary over the years as well,” Clapper said.

Clapper supports the act of reading.

“I believe everyone should learn how to read because reading is an important aspect of an adult’s life.  The presence of good literacy will be a necessity for people who wish to pursue great careers in the future.  If not, good literacy could be great for telling stories and simply speaking to others,” Clapper said.

Teachers and students throughout the district will participate during the school day, and students are encouraged to participate at home.  Post those pictures.