Winter sports season kicks in


John King

Shoot it! Eighth grader Kaylee Harpster plays offense in her basketball game on Dec. 16. The teams works together to beat their opponents.

Cassidy Klock, Reporter

Some of the winter sports that are available to students are basketball and wrestling.

Teams for these sports started practicing in mid November, but some students have been putting in the work year around. 

“During the off season, I played baseball and football along with lots of strength and conditioning to make sure that I stay in shape, especially after my broken finger and surgery. I make sure to put lots of time and effort into wrestling,” ninth grade wrestler Tristan Socie said. 

“I have done agility drills and also practiced nearly every day for basketball,” ninth grade basketball player Tysen LaRocco said. 

The student athletes go to practices nearly every day, and work with their coaches to perfect their skills. 

Students who play a winter sport often try to set goals for themselves, and try to get better themselves from last year. 

“Making weight for wrestling is always a struggle for me, so I’ve made it my goal to always meet weight for all of my matches,” Socie said. 

“I always find it kind of hard to keep things to myself out on the court. I need to get better at keeping to myself and staying calm,” ninth grade basketball player Isaac Piner said. 

“I’ve made it my goal to place in states this year for wrestling,” ninth grade wrestler Zachary Reimer said. 

The coaches also prepare for the season year long.

“As a coach, I would like to see all of the wrestlers come back out for the team next year.  Hopefully we win a majority of our matches and have fun in the process,” wrestling coach Cameron Kyle said. 

Winter athletes take part in home games and matches, but also take part in away games and matches as well where each team travels to a different school and competes in their chosen sport. 

“During away games, It is always a fun time on the bus. I enjoy the time I get to spend with the wrestlers in unfamiliar schools.  Plus, we like going out to eat together,” Kyle said.