News brief: It’s time to volunteer


Brandon R. Lyle

Without a doubt, individuals will hear the bells ringing upon entering local stores this holiday season. The Salvation Army has and will continue to have volunteers showing up in masses for this wonderful charity.

As the Christmas season starts to roll around, the volunteers step up again for the Salvation Army charity all around Altoona, PA; this charity starts in December, and provides the opportunity to help children in need.


Due to COVID-19, several changes have been made for donations and volunteers. When I volunteered with my mom out at Walmart, we had to wear masks the entire time we were standing outside the store, which was an hour and a half.  Also, my mom and I sanitized the bells to kill any germs. Even though we had to make adjustments, it was still an exciting experience since we helped other people.


Becky Lane, fellow volunteer, said, “I think they made online donations easier this year due to the pandemic. I was surprised; we had almost the same amount of people donating as last year. That just goes to show how helpful people can be during a pandemic.”

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