News Brief: Book Club returns!


Photo courtesy of Lori Loucks

Smile wide! Joining book club allows students the opportunity to make friends, to read and to be a part of a fun activity. Members of the book club in 2019-2020 posed for a group photo! Last years members were Emily Pentland, Olivia Noel, Charlie Kephart, Marayah Ginther and Alaina Noel.

This student centered and manned club that revolves around the common pleasure of reading is welcoming any and every student. 

Teens contribute to the selection of the genre and actual books that the group reads. Also, members get to take part in fun activities. For example, one year the club made a movie trailer for the book “The Angel Experiment”. 

Adviser, Lori Loucks, said, “Sessions last from 30-45 minutes each week, and the club meets biweekly. Students learn what they make out of the experience. Members can learn about a certain topics, genres, authors or it could be purely for enjoyment.” 

Different things happen in this club. This is a good activity to join because it consists of a small, close group of participants.


The club just recently started meeting on April 15. Genuinely, the meetings start at the beginning of the school year.  It usually runs from October-May, but it was cut short this year because of the pandemic and students not being directly at school. In this club, members don’t only read, but they get to form new friendships and bonds with peers. This is a great club to join for anyone, if she or he loves to read, is a social person or even if they are shy.