News Brief: Aliens in the classroom!


Olivia Wilt

Eye catching! This creative drawing depicts a purple alien with one big eye that collects more sunlight in order to survive on its destined planet. This tiny creature is very small in order to run or glide around on its own planet safely.

Space resides with stars, planets and things humanity hasn’t even started to comprehend yet; a science class learning about space has a teacher that feels the best way to teach students about space is with a fun and creative project!


Barbara Mackereth teaches her students about planets, other forms of life and the unique environment of a planet through an activity called,  “The Alien Project.”  Students better understand space by completing many aspects to this rigorous project.


A two paged outline describes the procedures for the students. Tasks are to create a custom alien living on a specific planet in the solar system. After choosing a planet, he or she must describe the atmospheric conditions, planet make up, temperature, cosmic radiation, planet conditions and gravity.  Next, individuals can show off artistic ability by creating drawings or making a three dimensional custom alien. With the alien creation,  students will describe how the alien survives and physical attributes. All of the aliens must differ from each one another.

“I designed this project to get my students thinking about other life forms than human,” Mackereth said.  “This activity opens up the imagination of the students!”

Mackereth created this project as a great alternative to a lecture and taking notes.