News brief: Dormans’ gym welcomes Altoona athletes


Charlie Kephart

Sunrise. Dorman’s Sports Performance gym opens at five every morning. You can see the sunrise coming up from behind the building when going to work out early in the morning.

Dorman’s Sports Performance may seem like a normal gym, but once an individual see athletes walking out drenched in sweat from a personal training program, he or she will notice that the workouts are anything but ordinary.

 Freddie Dorman opened this well-equipped facility in August 2015 in Altoona, PA.

Weight lifting. Andie Kephart performs a lift called a snatch, as directed by her coach Freddie Dorman. Kephart’s personal record for the snatch lift is 28 kilograms (61 pounds). (Photographed by Charlie Kephart)

With programs varying from Barbell Club to Sports Performance to Crossfit, there is something for everyone.

Altoona student athletes can sign up for Sports Performance to enhance their abilities, no matter what sport they play. A custom program will be designed for each person and will help to prevent injury. Athletes go through exercises such as weight lifting, pull ups, lunges, biking, and so much more. 

“I was a professional hockey player for four years. I got hurt in 2013, and during the rehab process, I decided to open this gym,” Dorman says. 

Dorman’s education includes a Bachelor’s Degree of Exercise Science at California University of Pennsylvania, Functional Movement System Certification, USA Weightlifting Level Two Coach, National Association of Speed and Explosiveness and Crossfit Level One. These certifications qualify Dorman for running the gym.  The gym hours are is open 5 a.m -10  p.m. every day of the week. For more information, visit their Facebook or Instagram page @dormans_sports_performance .