News Brief: Yearbook Staff makes the best of this year


Bryana Ayala

Sneak peek! Storm shows off this year’s cover. This will be her first year working as the yearbook advisor.

Through all of the hardships, the yearbook staff has worked hard making the best out of the circumstances to create the perfect yearbook to represent this school year.

Many people worry about the yearbook not being a good representation of this year or that a yearbook wouldn’t be made due to COVID-19 restrictions. Julie Storm, the advisor of the yearbook, wants to reassure everyone that there’s no need to worry. 

Some of the yearbook’s production was difficult. Some page ideas were scrapped because of having no content. For many of those pages, Storm and the students working on the yearbook had to come up with ideas to fill those pages.

“I think being able to be allowed to go to the events was the biggest thing,” Storm said in regards to difficulties with the yearbook.

Even with all the obstacles that set them back, the yearbook staff has persevered to make an amazing yearbook that everyone will enjoy.

Students are encouraged to get their yearbooks soon as the final date for sales will be June 13. Yearbooks are no longer available to be customized and the final set cost of one is $32 each.