Payton Martin shines light on figure skating


Payton Martin

Watch out! Martin steals the show with her amazing moves!

Madison Aboud, Reporter

Sports are a part of many students’ lives. From football and basketball, to softball and track, many students participate in sports. But, some sports get swept under the rug. One in particular is figure skating. 


Eighth grader Payton Martin has been figuring skating since she was six-years-old. 


Many people don’t realize just how much time and effort goes into figure skating. Martin practices 45 minutes two days a week and will sometimes do extra. 


Figure skating isn’t easy. It isn’t just fun and games. It takes practice, energy, money and time. It’s just as hard to be a figure skater as it is to be a football player. 


Football players have to practice multiple times a week, so do figure skaters. Just like football players have to learn the best techniques and tricks to win the game, figure skaters have to learn the best techniques for shows, competitions and practices. And just like football players take tough spills, figure skaters have the possibility of not only falling, but falling on hard ice. 


Figure skating is not just skating around a rink in circles. Skaters learn how to perform jumps, spins, lunges and other tricks. They learn these tricks, so they can participate in shows and competitions or they just do it for fun.


Learning to skate isn’t a one person job. Skaters rely on their family and friends to support them. But, one may ask, who’s their biggest supporter? Obviously, their coach.


 “My coach motivates me a lot and makes me very determined,” Martin said. 


Coaches don’t just teach skaters. They grow to understand the skaters and learn their strengths and weaknesses making them invaluable supporters.


Just like other sports, meeting new people is an unmeasurable part of figure skating. Making new friends that share the same interests and passions as you is an incredible feeling.

Figure skating has the same experiences as all sports. You meet new people, make new friends who push you along and help you continue to thrive in your journey. 

People don’t always know what figure skating is, but those who do it always have a fascinating or interesting story to tell. 


“I got into it during Kindergarten because I remember just seeing all these figure skaters and decided to just try it out,” Martin said. 

Skating through time! Payton Martin’s skating journey through the years! (Madison Aboud)

Figure skating is a lesser known sport, but that doesn’t make it any less important. It’s part of the Olympics! It’s important not only because of what it can win someone but because of what skaters feel about it. 


“I think it’s one of those sports that no one really thinks about, so it’s kind of important to think about,” Martin said. 


Figure skating is not for the faint of heart. It involves days and hours of practice. You learn simple tricks and you learn harder tricks such as spirals (one leg in the air while skating) or catchfoot (one leg up behind you while your hand holds onto it). 

Skating is not a sport you can perfect. It isn’t easy. You fall. You make mistakes. The point is you get up and keep going. Time and energy are key to skating. That’s why Martin practices every Tuesday and Wednesday.

“Take your time and don’t push yourself forward and rush things .Don’t lose motivation,” Martin said.

Many skaters feel very stressed when it comes to their sport. Even Martin has admitted to feeling stressed about it, but she doesn’t let that take away from her enjoyment. 

Martin has been skating for eight years. Let’s see where the next eight years take her!